Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun

we might not
be checking many things off our 
Summer Wish List yet

but we are sure having fun
this was most of our weekend

sophia got hit in the mouth
while it hurt
having her big sister there to make sure she is ok
is all she needed
i must say her older sister is the mother of the pack no
matter who we are with
very sweet to watch

and what a great daddy they have
he grew up with a pool 
and loves it
and doesn't mind if it's not like bath water
the way i like it

hope your weekend was full of sunshine and happiness
even if it is in your own back yard

Life Made Lovely
linked up with my friend heather today


paige said...

is that your pool?
oh my word, it's gorgeous!!
love that toothless grin!

Delaney said...

Love your pool & these pictures!

Kelly said...

looks like the perfect summer day.

theolivetree said...

looks like the prefect way to spend the day~

Janna said...

I debated making a list, but decided to go for spontaneous this summer. It's been fun, and I was amazed when I wrote my post today and saw how much we've really accomplished without technically going anywhere.