Sunday, December 6, 2009

Played with the Camera Again

I got to play photographer again today.
It was fun.
Shannon is a great friend.
We've known each other for over 10 years.
She was my maid of honor.

She is
Sweet. Kind. Thoughtful. Energetic.
a Great Mommy. and a Wonderful Wife.

Here are a few.

Align Center

Very cute family.


Nancy said...

You go girl... love them. So real and alive. Well done. xoxo

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

How sweet it that last one! I love it!!

Anna Newman said...

Great pics and what a precious family!!!!! Love your new header, by the way

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures!...Beautiful family!

Ginny said...

Since I know Shannon...I love the pictures...I will keep it on the QT in case by chance they may be a Christmas present for one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world and those cute kids' grandmother.

Lissa said...

those pics are so cute! And once again you have the cutest header!!! And I scrolled down and saw your tree! Love it!

Darlene said...

Those pics came out rad! You've got talent.

Two Little Tots said...

cute pictures! i love playing with my camera too:)

HeatherA said...

Beautiful job! Stunning family!!!!

Iva Messy said...

such a darling family!!