Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Look out December Here We Come

We celebrated our last Thanksgiving on Sunday.
We had already been to 2.
One on Thursday & one on Friday.
Woo-hoo, we partied.

The house was warm and full of conversation.
The food was yummy.
Outside there were kids playing.
It was good.

A little B-Ball

In the middle of playing, this one walked up to Great Grandma (90 years old)
and gave her a hug & a kiss.
Wish the picture would have came out better, but I am happy to have one.

Little hoola-hoop

I even got a little modeling thrown in there.

What a fun 5 day holiday.

December 1st.
We are ready to give.
We are ready to Celebrate.
We are R.E.A.D.Y.
Bring it on!

Hope you are too :O)

ps. i want to say thank you.
thank you to all my customers who are ordering Christmas gifts from me.
I am honored to create a piece of jewelry for you.
From so many different parts of the world.
Pinkerington, OH. Baton Rouge LA. Little Rock AZ. Houston TX, Canada
truly honored.


Anonymous said...

Ciao, How are you? We are great!!! Here in Italy is cold around 46 degrees. I wish had a warmed day in Thanksgiving so my kids would play outside. Anyhow, I love the pictures and your girls are precious. God bless them. My e-mail address is jalcaide@hotmail.com
can you explain to me how I can create a blog? Thanks Xiomara

paige said...

i love those boots!
( but i bet you aren't suprised)
the bracelet looks so cute on her

glad you're having a great week of celebrating thanksgiving multiple times! that's the best!!

LuLu said...

Your holiday sounded amazing,LoVe the bracelet!!!