Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Amazing Day

I think today was one of the most amazing days this month.
My oldest had a huge heritage speech/report this morning
in school. She did awesome and received an E.
She also had a violin performance.
She even had a solo.
It was great!
And then to top it off she had a math test that she
We are so very proud of her.

Then late this evening I got this.

And my sweet friend Nancy gave them these too cute hats.
They love them.
thank you

I am so grateful that I am their Mom.


Gina said...

What great pictures! Don't you just overflow from PRIDE! Great job to you for supporting, loving and encouraging them to grow to be their best! And, the cutiest hats, ever! How do I order some?

Nancy said...

It was an amazing day... wasn't it? So glad your chicks loved the hats. So funny.. I thought pink for Sophia and blue for Bella. Yippee! xoxo

Darlene said...

It's great to feel proud of your kids. Next time they have a performane, let me know. I like my girls to come and support their friends.