Monday, December 28, 2009

Dreamy. and Heavenly.

On the way to our last Christmas Celebration
I got to stop here.

oh how i loved this bedroom.
loved. it.

went back 2 days later to get a 2nd desk
(i'll share pic's later)
and was going to get this lovely, dreamy, "so me" bedding.
yep, only twin's left & a double/queen.
if i didn't love my girls bedding i would
have got it for them.
oh well.
what ya gunna do.


Anna Newman said...

that IS awesome

Anonymous said...


did you get it?

jen said...

i used to live next to the crate n barrel outlet in IL - the showroom for the magazines was upstairs of the store and then the items used for the shoots would be put downstairs -- so so many good deals - i miss that place!

Christina G said... !! I didn't know there was even such a thing! Pottery Barn Outlet! where is it? hopping on the next flight :) Happy Holidays to you :) Hope it was wonderful!

HeatherA said...

an O U T L E T??? Lucky!!!!