Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just a Peek at our Christmas Tree

Oh how we love this time of year. Although there is no
snow on the ground and you can practically wear shorts,
we love it. But the thought of looking out the window to snow
sure sounds fun.

Here is a peek at our tree. I love it, morning, noon and night, its always on.

I love this.
This is the kids part. Everything they put on is at their level.
At their level and all together.

2 years ago all my oldest wanted for Christmas was reindeer.
This is what she got.

Love the lollipops.

I painted these silly little moose/reindeer heads years ago.
Its fun to see them once a year.

Hope your day was great.
More on the home decorations tomorrow.
Its kind of hard to take pictures of them and have em' turn out good.
Should I take them in the day or night?
Any suggestions?


Darlene said...

Your tree looks great!! I'm having the same challenges taking pictures of my decorations.

Nancy said...

Ok.. you have reindeer in your house. How rad is that?

Beth said...

I love your tree! I too enjoy special ornaments that I get to see only once a year. I always think when I am packing them away that it will be an entire year before I get to see them again!!
Cute little moose by the way!!

Merry Christmas!


Jill said...

Oh! the tree looks beautiful!! and yes, it is hard to take pictures...not sure why they don't turn out- mine haven't either- let me know if you find a good way!:)

Libbie said...

I LOVE your tree gorgeous! I can never figure out when to take the pics either :) But they look good! I do red & green & silver & gold with a lot of the same types of ornaments you have so I really enjoyed seeing yours!!!

So cute-the little moose-I think if I had one he would make me smile alot :)

Janna said...

I love the sock monkey on your tree! All the decorations are so cute.