Monday, August 31, 2009

Almost Time

So many mixed emotions going on inside of me.
(I love summer)

This one will start school soon and I am a little......not really sure what word to use.
It has been her and I at home for the past 2 years.
She is my baby.
And loosing 4 pregnancy's, I wasn't ready to
stop growing my family. I expected more first days of school to come.

Am I excited, absolutely. She will be the finest student.
And I will be the proudest Mama.
She can concentrate.
She is not afraid to stand up
for what she believes in.
She is strong willed.
I am excited to watch her and see who she has become.
See all my hard work up until this point.

But will I miss her, ABSOLUTELY.
Makes me tear up just writing that.
I am so proud of her.
And yes, I will miss her.
I am not nervous for her, I am not sad that she is starting school.
I will just miss her.


Nancy said...

I will be in your shoes next year. She will do great because she has been surrounded with so much love from your happy home. Kudos to you and Chris for doing such a great job with your 2 little blessings. God has been good and He will keep being good..... all the time!

Janna K said...

Now I'm all teary-eyed too. In the couple of years I've known you guys, your girls have grown so much. They both are gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

You made me tear up! What a lovely message. Before you know they will be Freshman in H.S. (I'm at that phase) It's funny, with each new milestone, we have the same emotions. I wonder if it will ever end:)
Your daughter is absolutely beautiful.

Have a great week,

andreaberg said...

That was beautiful. My son is also starting Kindergarten. He is my oldest and i feel all those things but for different reasons.

Those pictures were amazing! You are such a great photographer!

LuLu said...

Hang in there... I know how you feel, I have one more with me and am clinging to this time already,
praying it all goes well,
big hugs,

Kristin said...

Those pictures are wonderful -- beautiful subject and beautiful photography! Thank you for sharing! Kristin :)