Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a wonderful WeEkENd

MeMoRiEs were CrEaTeD to LaSt a LiFeTiMe

like a dog with its bone. thats how isabella was with this cotton candy.
i think it was more fun watching her then the game.

Padres game. We were treated wonderful. In the second inning, the girls
received a bag full of goodies, 2 of everything.

Then off to

****Sea World***

"Ruby" the Beluga Whale
Wonderful. Beautiful. Amazing.
The girls got to feed her. Pet her and give her commands.

We got to feed "Toby" the walrus. It was great.
Sophia chose not to get anywhere near Toby.

But the rest of us sure did. It was GREAT.

i love this picture.

We also were able to see a Polar Bear close up.
Its hard to see in the pictures but this guy was 11 feet tall.
His feet were a big as a dinner plate. It was unreal.

Thanks Nick.
Our family enjoyed every minute of it!

What a wonderful, fun filled weekend.


Lissa said...

sounds like such fun timeS! My little one is a cotton candy junkie like that!

Nancy said...

What an amazing trip! I love Isabella's face with Toby. That is pure love.

Family American Style. said...

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