Monday, August 24, 2009

Saying goodbye to Rocket

Its going to be a great day/week.
Its our last week of summer and I am determined to have some fun!!!
Today, swim party with awesome friends.
Tomorrow, movie night, outside, pajamas and all.
It's going to be great!

Saying our goodbye's to Rocket.
Isabella, that sweet little girl, she will miss her kitty.
But it was a good morning. Sad, but good.
Her heart is so warm, I am so proud to be her Mama.
That's what my kids call me, Mama. Not sure why, but when
I hear them say it, I love it!
Here are some pic's of last night and this morning.

Celebration Party, balloons and all.

A note to Rocket in Heaven

She will always remember him
Her best buddy.


Christopher said...

Thank you babe for taking the time to take these great photos and record the moment. Rocket was definitely more then just a pet. He was one cool cat:) and we will all miss his love

Stacy Schultz said...

I think it was great what you guys did for Rocket.. he was a great cat and you gave him a great life.... Bella will never forget him and he will live in her heart forever...