Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It was so FuN!!!!

One of my favorites.

Looking back, one thing I wish I had more of,
are pictures of me and my belly.
It is a moment of life that seems to come and go so quickly.
And often we forget what we looked like.
We can remember feelings, sickness, the birth down to the very last second, but remembering what we looked like with that belly popped out is sometimes hard.
That memory fades a little.
At least it did for me.
I also know that my kids love to see the pictures of me pregnant with them,
even if there are only a few.

So, with that being said, I knew immediately, when I saw my friends sister who
was pregnant, that I wanted her to try and capture that moment for her.
I am no professional photographer, I just love taking pictures.
And thought it would be fun.
Today I got the pleasure of taking those pictures and let me tell you

This is my favorite shot.

Thanks Katie. It was so much fun for me :O)


Crafty Mom said...

Fantastic photos! I cherish my pregnancy photos, and being a scrapbooker, I made sure I had lots of photos taken at different stages of my pregnancy. My daughter loves looking at those photos, too.

Nancy said...

Absolutely beautiful! Well done, girl. :) Katie will adore them. Her husband will too. You were very sweet to take the time to do them.xoxo