Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready, Set, Go

Here we go.
Kids are off to school tomorrow.
Both of them.
A little nervous, sure.
Excited, yes.
They both laid their outfits out-from top to bottom.
Backpacks and all.
Very cute.

Outfits picked out and laid out - check
it was fun to see who picked what

Tags made for backpacks and lunch boxes - check

A little sister time - check

Fun sandwiches made - check

Notes made for lunch boxes - check

Kids in bed - check
Mom a little nervous - check

I kind of feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.


Iphigenia said...

Wishing them a Happy new school year! And a good start for you as well. I often place notes in my kids lunchboxes too. Too cute!!! So your kids don't wear school uniforms?

Nancy said...

Love the love notes.... I've been praying for a great year. So glad our girls are next door! :)