Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our New Friend

Apparently this little guy won't stay out of the pool.
I found my hubby outside holding the pool net upside down
shaking it slowly, waiting patiently for this little guy to come out
Isabella walked up, put her hand in the net and grabbed it out.
Cracked me up.

Then it pooped on her hand. Yuck.
I thought Sophia was going to throw up.
It was funny.
They put him high in the fence.
I hope he stays long gone.
Or at least out of the pool.

Oh my gosh, I found an old SD Card today.
These pictures were on it.
Can you stand it.
I can't believe how little she was
such a short time ago.
I miss that SO stink'n much.

2 years ago.

Here I am again.
Playing with my camera.
Can I borrow your kiddo to take pic's of?
Wouldn't that be fun!

I am such a want-a-be photographer.
I love being behind the camera.

Oh and winner of the keychain is:
Number 7
Shoot me your info and I will get your win created
and on its way.
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Janna said...

If you think your new friend is cute, check out mine...posted Saturday. Oh, and you can take pics of my kids anytime. I love your photos!!

Nancy said...

Those pics are awesome, girl! Seriously... let's find a date to do some Christmas card shots for the family??? :)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

OMGoodness... your girls are adOrAbLe...

that lizard... gecko thingy... ewwwwe... not so cute! :)
they scare the living day lights out of me!
brave little girlies you have!

what a surprise finding those pics on an old card!
very neat!

and yes... borrow my kiddos... i would LOVE for you to take their pics! fun for sure!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I'm sooo happy to have won your giveaway!! Thank you so much!!!
Can't wait to show it off and blog about it, of course!!!Let me know what you need from me, you can contact me at
Thank you so much once again....
(insert happy dance here)


Iphigenia said...

Beautiful photos!! How do you enlarge your photos on your blog??

paige said...

you are definately a great photographer & blessed to have such gorgeous little subjects

alyssa said...

you are not a wanna be photographer!! i think you are one!! these pictures are wonderful!!!!

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