Friday, September 18, 2009

Great. Wonderful. Fun.

Working hard today.
But I wanted to share our night with you.
It was great!
Cheerleaders were so sweet. Thank you.
They both did it!
So proud of them.
Of course, Sophia said "Mama, I'm not going to do it"
But she did.
Way to go Sophia.
And Isabella, what a wonderful sister you are.
Thank you for making sure she was taking care of before you took your position.

These girls were wonderful.
Thank you.


Iphigenia said...

SoSo cute and SoSo tiny!!! You should be so proud!!!

M.O.T.B said...

Your little girls are beautiful!

Candice said...

Oh my this brings back some memories for me, I was a song Leader at Los Al, and I remember loving doing this with the young girls when I was a teenager. Congrats to your girls and I am so glad to see these pics, it really brings me back.

paige said...

what a memory maker!
glad they had a blast....cute cute cute