Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recap on Our Weekend

our girls dance
and this time so did their dad
they had their annual dance recital this past weekend
and yes, our studio had a daddy/daughter dance
and yes their daddy got his groove on
it was a michael jackson medley 
the dads got 8  8 counts on their own
then their daughters RAN out to join them and dance
i can't even begin to share with
you the joy that was shared between all who watched
the girls were so excited to dance with their dads
the dads danced and counted out loud along with the music
it was so dang sweet that the first time i watched it
i felt like i had had a great massage or had had a really good drink
it left my body weak and happy all at the same time
i laughed, hoot and hollered
it was the best

here is a recap of our weekend

great balls of fire - tap
hope this goes to competition, it was a great dance

right before they went on

crazy dads stretching
doing leg holds
the girls got a kick out of that

just looking at this gives me the giggles

so incredibly proud of this guy

aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, grandpas
they all came to watch
so happy to have family who love them

my girls were in awh of this little guy
who wouldn't be, right
he is such a cutie pie

we had a great weekend
i worked back stage both nights
had so much fun with the other moms
got to sneak out and see my girls numbers
so fun
so happy they have the dance teachers they have
they are great roll models
and they love my girls



Delaney said...

They're gorgeous! Looks like fun!

Darlene said...

So cute, those girls of yours! Having the Dads dance sounds so awesome. Maybe we need to switch studios.

valerie said...

adorable pictures you all look great especially you kristi...your happiness shines through your smiles!

Gina said...

OMG, I almost fell off my office chair just imaginingthe dad's up on stage! I LOVE IT!
Your girls look beautiful and I agree that maybe we should look into switching studios too. Let's chat!
PS> You look fab too!