Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Day of Summer

welp, today was the last day of summer for us
kids are tucked in tightly 
sleeping til morning light
ready to go to school tomorrow

i have to say we had a wonderful summer
we nurtured friendships
we took walks
we held each other tight
we spent days in the sun
we loved each other
we stayed up late
we slept in late
we watched movies together
we took road trips
we discovered new places
new beaches
new land
we visited family
we laughed
we took naps
we tried new things
we stayed close to home
we played games

and of course we ended it with our annual
summer movie night

24 bags of target popcorn
sprinkled with chocolate yummies

we watched RIO
it was great
perfect way to end the summer


such a great summer
sad it's over
but happy to see what the new school year start
it's going to be a good one
i just know it

1 comment:

Kay Ellen said...

I love this~~so cute all the girls in sleeping bags:)) Summer just flew by to quickly this year...looks like a super fun evening!

Kay Ellen