Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Last Mini Vaca of Summer

we had so much fun
lazy days
afternoon drinks
family time

friendship bracelet
we had good intentions 
but never did figure it out 

incase we ever learn we definitely have supplies for it

took a ton of pictures

the weather was great

one sad the other happy 

off to the pool
love that one has her journal and pen, ready to write
she always does

my mama
i love her so very much

and this kid. 
i couldn't be more happier to be her mom.

this girl kills me
makes us laugh every day

we had a great time
felt a little short
but enjoyed every minute of it

only a few days left
off to enjoy what's left


1 comment:

Gina said...

Your all so darn cute! We will have your gals over for a playdate and Lex will teach them how to make friendship bracelets!
Enjoy the last few days. We only have hours left!