Thursday, August 18, 2011

Metal Jewelry, Elastic Hair Ties and More

summer is slowly coming to an end
we are enjoying lots of time with friends
the weather is great

so great 
that last week at the beach
we told the kids (8 of them)
the moms would boogie board after lunch
well sure enough
after lunch we headed to the ocean 
waves and all
and when i say waves

like 6-8 foot waves

 we caught a few little ones
haven't laughed that hard in ages
felt great
then i decided to go out a little further
catch even a bigger one
well. that i did
didn't quite make it
crashed and hit chin first into shallow water
yep, i hit the sand
got a slight concussion
sprained my neck
and my jaw feels out of alignment 
i have no pictures yet, they are my bff's camera
here is one she sent me
i am on the right....
she sent it small so it's hard to see
but what i can tell you is 
that i practically pee'd my pants walking out into the ocean
i haven't boogie boarded in years
and the first couple we caught together,
our mouths were WIDE open with laughter
so crashing was the total
kill joy
but the dr. said that i am lucky to have
landed on my chin and not my head
could have been a lot worse

i am on my way to recovery
going to the dr. again tomorrow 


it seems to be a busy time for sosobella
having fun creating new goodies
all are listed on our etsy site
here are just a few of our favorites

we are having a blast with the new hair ties

hope your end of summer is good
and if you have already started school
i hope that is a good thing too

we are off to one more mini vacation
looking forward to it

be sure and check our etsy site
all is listed



Gina said...

OH MY! I can't believe it. I hope you feel back to normal my friend. What a great story though. The girls will never forget the time mommy went boogie boarding. I love it! Take care!

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