Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have a Spookiie OOkie Night ya all'

In our neighborhood, at night, these little guys
are everywhere. 
Yep skunks. 
We've had them in our backyard more then once. 
They are cute from far away.
But boy when they spray,they are not so cute!


but these little guys. they can come in my backyard any time.

homemade costumes. 
i love em'
they come together last minute, cuz that's how i roll. 
the girls loved them and they were comfy. 

we are getting ready to hang together tonight. 
trick or treat. 
movie outdoors.
outside fire. 
and it's a school night. 
what a bummer!!!

haapppy halloween to you!


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

their costumes are adorable!!
hope you guys have a happy halloween!

Jenni said...

oh they are adorable! great job on the last minute costumes! so stinkin' cute!!!

Gina said...

Trick or Treat!!! Can I just tell you that I passed by this cute little skunk 3 times AND told her how cute she was a million times before Alexandra told me, "Mom, it's Isabella!" OMG!!! The cutest thing ever! Save that costume for my Sofia some Halloween in the future!!! Great to see you! I know you all had a great night!
Hey are you stil dong photography? Any last minute Christmas sittings available?

Darlene said...

They look sooo cute! Hope you had a spooky night.