Monday, November 1, 2010

Welp, Halloween is over, bring on the next HoLiDaY

holy moly 
what a busy month. 
happy its over ready to move on
we went shopping yesterday and in the clothing store
you'll never guess what was playing....
yep, christmas music
and ya know what i liked it. 
it happened to be one of my favorite songs, 
so that probably helped 
but, i liked it. a lot. 

here is a recap of our halloween 
carved pumpkins.
trick or treating
saw great friends
how to train a dragon played
kids from the neighborhood gathered
i loved it
was a little tired this morning
one kid made it to school
the other didn't 
and thats ok. 
it was fun to hang out with her. 
 i took one look at her, 
looked at her hands and realized...
she's growing up. 
so while she sat on my bed and sorted her candy
i giggled and smiled
completely in love with the moment.

here are some shots of our last 2 days.

pumpkin carving. 
not for me. i don't have enough patience.
by the time i've cut open the top and scooped
all the insides out, i'm done. 
time to move on to something else. 
so, it's a good thing papa and daddy are ready and willing.

 everyone loved this pumpkin. 
i must say it was pretty cute!

the outside was ready for some friends and family.
we do it every year. just this year was a little bit of a bummer
cause it was a sunday night. but we still had fun.

my 2 little stinkers

our little family.

this one stayed home with me today.
i didn't mind one bit.

overall, it was a great night.
homemade costumes. 
good company.
good weather.
good memories.
what more could a girl ask for.


Jules said...

That Mickey Mouse pumpkin is totally cool and I love the skunk costumes.

Your weather looks nicer than it was here. We were pretty happy that it hit 50 degrees!

All That Jazz said...

"Two little stinkers", LOL! Cute! I love the skunk costumes. Looks like you had a wonderfully festive Halloween!

valerie said...

Adorable Stinker costumes! Looks like a fun fun time!

lmg said...

Greatest costumes ever! But... of course, I should have known! Expected.. from the most creative family on the planet!