Friday, November 5, 2010

Unfinished Business

I have so much unfinished business 
when it comes to my home. 
Walls that are bare. 
Corners that need to be cleaned out.
(my picture corner is a nightmare. they are falling off the shelf)
I for sure need to sit down an organize my photos.
Put them in year order and get to it!!!

Projects that I dream of doing but just don't have enough
patience to get them done. 
But, deep down, I really want to. 
I just get so side tracked most of the time.

And with so many wonderful blogs, with so many fantastic ideas, 
the desire just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

Well, yesterday I stopped by a rummage sale. 
Looking for old frames. 
For this wall. 

and yes, i scored. got these babies for .50 cents. 
the 3 larger ones for a $1.00

got home, got a better chance to look at them 
and noticed this on the back of one of the small frames.

 1903, really. how amazing is that. 
I love personal notes. 
Just a little note to tell me where this came from and when.
Pretty cool. 

And having no patience, I just wanted to put them on the wall. 
I stopped my normal behavior and made templates.
And yes, did I get side tracked during this process 
and throw the templates in the trash, thinking they were
part of the left over scraps. 

 i placed them on the wall.

 not perfect. 
But nothing is in this house.

So, stayed tuned. 
It's something I'd like to get done this weekend. 
I wasn't sure wether to leave them original or paint them.
First, I'll put them up untouched. If I don't like it. 
I'll change it. 

Also, a few things new at 
sosobella designs

for girls. 

i love the antique, vintage feel of it. 
and it's on sale this weekend. 
go grab one
it'll make a great holiday gift.


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

can't wait to see your wall when your finished with it!

i love the new bracelets! do they come in big girl sizes, too?

valerie said...

Those frames are awesome! You did good at thata sale! The bracelet is great too...can you put this on a chain too? For any age or rather wrist size? Love love love the vintage feel of it!

Kristin said...

SO cool! And I love your new bracelets - they are stunning - have fun with your new frames, xo

Gina said...

One word... FANTASTIC! I love it. Beautiful and classic!

richelle jean said...

what great finds you got from the rummage sale! and that bracelet is soo cool. i'm gonna take a look. maybe i'll snatch one. thanks for sharing!