Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"Do what cha gotta Do, so you can Do what you want to Do"

I'll never forget it when Denzel Washington said that on Oprah.
It's what he told his kids when they had homework or chores.
I loved it!!! 

So, when we get home from school that's what we do. 
It's better for us to start right away.

My kids are starving when they get home.
So first they grab a snack.
We get to work.
They know the routine the minute they walk in the door. 

It's so nice to have Daddy around to help us.

I'm telling you, they are starving when they come home. 
Are yours?

1st grader. God I love her!

3rd Grader.

and easily distracted, just like her mamma.

she kills me, i swear.
funny. silly. serious. 
whatever it is, i love it.

I know someday it won't be like this. 
All of us together on the floor working. 
Helping each other. Laughing as we do our chunk words.
Before I know it they will probably be working
at their desk, or on their bed, on a lap top, 
totally engaged with what they are doing. 
Studying. Working. 

So for now. 
I'll soak it in. 
Take some pictures of what elementary school was like. 
Remember this time. 
This moment. 


Funky Junk Interiors said...

What a lovely post, Kristy! Those sweet smiles made ME smile. :)

I need to rethink the homework thing. It generally isn't a time of joy in these parts. LOL


Crafty Mom said...

cute pics and I love your new header!!

All That Jazz said...

So sweet...they make homework look like fun! Cherish these days!

Kristin said...

Oh, that one made me tear up. I love the idea behind what you do and hope to copy you next year. Kendra is now in Kinder (which of course you know) but I just can't believe it. ALL the girls are growing so fast! Thanks for the tip and for the tear, xoxoxo