Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Girl Who Loves Her Dog(s)

We are an animal loving family around here. 
Dogs, we have 2 of the best. 
1 cat. We sent one to heaven last year. 
and 2 fish. 

I took a few pictures of my girl and her dog. 
She has a little bit of the dog whisper in her. 
It's that kind, sweet heart of hers. 

 Just found out she needs glasses. I can't wait for her to put them on and see that things have beginnings and ends. 

Utah. She is a sweet dog. 

8 years old. my girl. oh how i adore her.

stay just exactly the way you are.
who you are. 
you thoughts.
your kindness.
your thoughtfulness.
your humor.
there's nothing i'd want different. 
i love you just the way you are!


valerie said...

Hi Kristy! Wow, thee photos are incredible! She is looking so grown up and so much like you! HOpe all is well.

All That Jazz said...

Gorgeous pictures! Utah is a neat looking dog, what breed/s is he??

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

so sweet!! your girls' gonna look great in her new glasses.

Robyn said...

Kristy, she is a LOVELY girl! I love 8, my little Ms. P is 8 and it's a fun age! Utah is gorgeous too! Love them both! HEY, good news for you chicka...go CHECK OUT MY BLOG! WooooHOOO is all I'm gonna say!

Robyn said...

Oh and I posted a pic of one of our doggies, the famous in her own mind, MISS MACY MAE!