Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Up and Running

visit sosobella dance wraps and pick your wraps

Does your girl dance?
Do you know one who does?
Help me spread the word.
Share it with your blog followers.
Tell a Friend.
Post it.
Scream it from the roof tops.

We will be giving a few away.
Just for you.
Leave a comment, let us know how you shared it.
Also, tell us your favorite style of dancing.

We will pick a winner/winners Friday.

Leave a second comment telling us which wrap is your favorite
and be entered to win a second time.

Thanks for helping us spread the word.

black lace, with velvet flowers.
to die for!


Nancy said...

Oh my... Darling! If my girls danced I would be all over these! That pink plaid one... Come to mama!

Janna said...

It's a toss up between the camo and the pink plaid. So cute!!!

Janna said...

Oh, and I linked to you on both my FB pages

osteen5 said...

I love the black lace but my kids seem to be loving the cheetah prints. if you give me a flyer I can post it at the studio where they dance :)

osteen5 said...

I shared it on facebook and will leave it at the studio too :)

circlelinestudio said...

My daughter dances! She's doing a ballroom dance class right now but will be rotating into hip hop. The dance wraps are perfect for any style. So cute!

I shared on twitter.


LuLu said...

Oh Oh Oh my girls don't dance but now i think the NEED too. Just darling,

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! These are soooo cool - how clever you are my friend!! I love the animal prints and the plad and your baby is a perfect model!
Thank you for your kind comments - loved hearing that you and Nina were talking about me - it means soooo much to have the support from you all who "get" it!
I don't know if Nina told you, but may I pleaseeeeee order a few new hair bows? K has only one - the pink with red dots - and we could use about a 1/2 dozen - maybe one in black and then the rest in whatever (maybe a green too) - but you choose and tell me what I owe you. I want them for school and if there is a shop to order them, please just direct me! They are the only thing my tomboy will allow that is still girly - lol!
Kristin xoxoxox

Christal said...

so cute!! love them!!
THANKS so much for the necklace it came today I LOVE it!! Beautiful packaging too so cute!!! Thanks again !!

Christal said...

oh i might as well enter this one too Lauren is going to be in tap dance this year I'm loving the plaid one so cute!!