Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Day To You

We just got back from a mini vacation. 
I love a good road trip with a beautiful destination.
We had so much fun. 
Enjoyed all of our surroundings 
ate the best food ever!

I had a chance to take a few photos. 
Didn't get as many as I would have liked but was happy with what I  did get.

Came back to our dogs already home.
Air conditioner on.
Mimi's Cafe muffins on the table.
A few books for the girls. 
And some colors. 
What great parents I have. 
Thank you.

I also came back to store orders from LA for
SoSoBella flip flops,
Orders for custom jewelry. 
Looks like I am going to be busy. 
And I don't mind. 
Busy I like. 

Also, our wraps are becoming very popular. 
We are excited to start filling orders. 
Looks like some dance groups will be wearing our wraps. 
Very exciting.

We just finished up our 2 dance recitals here. 
Happy they are complete. 
And so happy with the way the girls performed. 
They both are SO different. 
I absolutely love that they are unique in their own way.
They support each other with all their heart. 
Sisters, they are just what I imagined it would be like to have one.

walking out the door for the opening night

tap - jail house rock
she loved it!

great gosh omighty - i think this was her favorite

absolutely amazing that great grandma, almost 91, was able to join us. 
what a honor. we love her so much.

and this one. 
she loves it too.

she loves ballet

and jazz. she love'd the costume.

great grandma joined us again. 

this picture is blurry i know but i had to post one.
the last show our little dancer received an award.
her older sister was sitting up several levels higher then me with her grandparents. 
apparently when her sister won
she stood up and yelled from the top of her lungs with utter excitement. 
from every crevice of her body. 
she was so proud of her. 
i knew you could do it, i knew it!!!!
woo-hoo!!! way to go sissy!!!!

i was happy to be sitting front and center but there is a part
of me what wishes i could have witness that as well. 

happy day to you. 
i hope you are having a wonderful end to summer. 


Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

the relationship your kids have with each other is so inspiring. you can see the love your family has for each other right through the screen. have a happy day!!

Jill said...

So sweet!! special memories!! Happy Day to you sweet friend!