Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Favorites

Two of My Most Favorite Pieces to Create
for SoSoBella Designs

this one that was originally created for 
the wonderful families who are blessed 
to adopt.
It is created two ways,
Bonded Together By Love
Bonded Together By Christ

and this one was created for a customer was very grateful 
for her Moms/Volunteer team at
a huge elementary school event.

later it was created with names. 
love it. 

and a few of my favorite things around our home.

love this art work by one of my most favorite local artist
it's hard for me to photograph. it's full of sparklee glitter. 
it's delightful. 
it hangs in the girls room.

paper tissue pom poms
and hand made sparklee birdies.
with twinklee lights

 this picture.
it hangs at the end of my hallway.
 i see it everyday. 
it warms my heart.
it reminds me of what my job is and how happy i am to do it!
it was taken by an amazing local photographer,
i am forever grateful for the images she captured. 
(actually, i loved all the pictures so much, i would have used them as wallpaper if i could have)

playroom/mess room/collect all room. 
it's usually a crazy mess. 
i don't mean for it to be. 
but it is.
i love it, and even more when its clean.

and this
on top of our piano.
love the dream bucket.
the vintage suit cases i got at a flea market, they are children sized, super cute!
and the picture of my grandpa at the LA Coliseum when he was young.

that was kind of fun.
sharing some of my favorite things in my home with you.
but it was a lot harder to take pictures of my home then i thought.

happy friday to you.


paige said...

loving all your captures kristy!!
sweet sweet pompoms with little birdies and twinkle lights
gorgeous photo
its all great

oh & ps
i thought of you the other day. i snuck and wore madi's 'beautiful you' bracelet. it made me smile

Lissa said...

I just love that picture of your girls! It would make me smile every day too! It's absolutely perfect.

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

thanks for sharing a peak into your home. that photo of your girls is really amazing! happy friday!

Robyn said...

I'm just so tickled that you "found" me so I could "find" you! ;-) Your girls are just gorgeous! I'm floored by your heart was pitter-patting the whole time I looked at it. It's so full of inspiration! ;-) I'm your newest follower