Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1 of our End Of Summer Trip - Photo Album

We had such a great time.
Our dogs were secure.
We didn't have to worry about them.
It was just the four of us.
We had no schedule.
We were hoping to site see.
Enjoy our surroundings.
Eat good food.
And we did just that!

these guys were cute.
they came from all sides. 

we assumed she was a she, isn't that funny. 
i don't know why. but we did.
and we assumed she may be pregnant.
what ever it was, he or she, pregnant or not 
we were pretty sure it  
was going to start talking to us.
maybe even sing and do a little jig.

we wondered who was in this fancy yacht.

we had dinner at a great place. 
the food was good and it was kid friendly.

after we strolled the streets.
and stumbled across some great photo spots.
so, i did.
i played.
and played.
with my camera.
it was fun.
and the family was just as fine.
they played along with me.

here it goes.

we had a great first day.
we were just as excited to go back to our hotel room.
it was super!!!!

stay tuned for Day 2
the picking of our Dance Wrap Winner!

p.s. i threw in a picture in of me. i haven't been in as many photo's as i would like.
that was one of my Someday Soon post
but i'm learning. learning to pass the camera and include myself in our memories.
let alone post them of myself.
but I DID IT.
and i'm learning.
that counts, right?


sweet southern inspiration said...

My fave is the picture of the girls in front of the green door. Great pictures, glad you guys had such a great time.

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

fun!! your girls are so stinking photogenic!!

Shannan Martin said...

Lovely photos! And good for you on including yourself. I force myself to do that regularly. Embrace it, I say! :)

Your vacay looks like so much fun...especially the "eat good food" part!

Darlene said...

Oh Kristy - so cute! I'm so glad your family had a great time!