Friday, March 5, 2010


its friday
the weekends here 
 and i'm happy
 the family is home
and i love it

i got so much done today
worked some more

i went to an estate sale today
for me, its a little sad to know someone has passed,
knowing their family is missing them
but today, i was inspired 
the linens in the cupboards were IRONED
the napkins and dishcloths were STARCHED & IRONED
everything was so lovely
how wonderful it must have been to live 
back when things were slower
which inspired me 
not to slow down, cuz i just don't think i could
but to put a little extra on the little things
i'll show you what i mean in a later post
definitely inspired
love being inpired

created this today for a customer
she is so grateful for the Moms that have helped with a huge event
i love the way they turned out
i can't wait for them to receive them

enjoyed these
mmm, they smell lovely

three lucky little flower girls will be getting these

can't wait to show you my goodies i got 
so fun

have a wonderful weekend. 


Gina said...

OH MY, that necklace is beautiful!!!!! That screams me! I might have to add it to my collection! Simply a beautiful creation!!!!!

elsiee said...

gorgeous gorgeous necklace!!

Tawny said...

Those are SUCH good ideas for flower girls-soooo cute!
I've never been to an estate sale, but have been hearing alot about them, I'm becoming intrigued!

Angela said...

Love love love the necklace. So many people I could give that to. Will you make more? If so how much? Thanks.

Natalie Catherine said...

i love estate sales too! the last one i went to i found some great frames i've been meaning to fix up. lovely necklace and flower girl idea!

paige said...

i've had the same thoughts too!

glad you had a great day
& i love that beachy grateful necklace. GORGEOUS