Monday, March 15, 2010

Feel Good Day

The Ocean
A Beautiful Day
Really, what more could you ask for

Isn't it beautiful?
The feeling, the energy, the warmth, the love that is shared here,
Its wonderful.

just some of the amazing views

When are we going back?
Not soon enough


My wonderful, super, fabulous friend here
is doing a give a way for this
It is the latest addition to SoSoBella Designs
I hope you like it.

Pop over there
Check it out


Darlene said...

That looks gorgeous! Where is it??

Shana said...

How beautiful. I couldn't ask for anything the necklace is also gorgeous.

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Seriously breathtaking...your girls, the house, & your TALENT!

Jami said...

I'm hopping over from Nancy's blog...and I just have to say: that's somebody's house!!! Wow! Looks gorgeous and loads of fun. Love the necklace, too!

everyday inspirations said...

I was going to email you to see what resort you were staying at...and about fell off my chair when you said it was a house! Please share where they live...I want to live vicariously through it :)

What a gorgeous place!!! Thanks for sharing!

catherine s.

elsiee said...

jaw droppingly stunning - how lovely that you get to share it with your family! wonderful photos too!

tina... said...

Oh My Gorgeousness! You must have enjoyed it so much! Thank you for your generosity!

valerie said...

Wow! Gorgeous home, gorgeous pictures and yes love the zebra toesies! And love your new worn necklace and the way you photographed it with the shell.

Domestic Diva said...

i'm not even sure how i got here, possibly from the nesting place?! who knows!! love your jewelry ... so stinkin' adorable. and your photos? eye candy!

enjoy your vacation ...

andreaberg said...

OMG - This house is so gorgeous. Where is it? Also - do you have picturs of the inside? I can just imagine how cool it is inside if the outside is as amazing as this.

Bungalow'56 said...

Looks like a paradise. How wonderful to be invited : )
Also love your jewelry. It's a perfect mix of industrial and classy. Here's hoping my lucky number will come up for the giveaway.

Tawny said...

That is a real house that someone lives and and YOU know them ;)
So beautiful!
Looks like your family is having a wonderful time! Such beautiful pictures!

Amber said...

The Goat sent me and I'm so glad she did. I pretended for a second I was the lucky one behind that lens. I crawled into that beautiful little vacation, and it was what this worn out mama needed today. Thanks for sharing.

Christa said...

That house is amazing!!

jen said...

gorgeous home!!! my goodness -- is that in Laguna ?

alyssa said...

that house just made my snowy day!! love!

Jessica said...

I can't even believe how beautiful that is!!