Wednesday, March 17, 2010


do you have to have money
to make money

what are your thoughts?

**p.s. i'm not referring to my jewelry or flip flop line**

thought i'd throw in a picture
this was such a beautiful spot in laguna

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Heather at All A Flutter said...

what a good question. i know for my own little shop it took more money then i expected buying supplies and business doo dads, but in the end i'm so glad i spent what i did. it really created something i can be proud of.

valerie said...

well, you have to have some capital to start a business if that is what you mean... however, it is a thought provoking statement. Many of the crafty and artisan businesses are labors of love and not going to make you millions or much at all...but what they do make you in accomplishment and gratitude and making a difference are priceless! But I do know you need money to have a house like the one you visited and photographed!:) Wow, that place is magical! So special to have that place to visit!

Melissa said...

Money...definitely money! Not alot but some. I think the key is having the creative mind to use what little money you have and the good sense to stick to budgets. Even if that budget might mean sacraficing a little of that creative genius!

Tawny said...

I guess it would totally depend on what the job is that you are doing? My husband got laid off two years ago and then decided to start his own business and we didn't have tons of money to do it. Slow but surely it's all turned out to be a blessing. But there are ALWAYS some type of start up cost right?!
Good question and beautiful picture find!

Andrea said...

I think to make "real big money" in terms of tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars, then yes, you need money to make it, i.e., big real estate investments, buying companies, etc. either that, or you are just really ingenious, lucky, or hard working. we always said at my old company that to make money you had to spend money. Well then, to make money I guess you have to have money to spend!

michelle b said...

just found your blog thru all a flutter...

great question, and one that i ask myself a lot...usually my answer is more like a yes than a no, unfortunately...

but i think, as tawny said, slowly but surely, things can happen...patience is difficult when you'd like to see big returns right away!!!

newest follower!
love the photos!

Darlene said...

It depends on the type of business you want to start. Some businesses require lots of inventory. My business didn't take much money to start but did require some start up costs, computer programs, P.O. box, insurance costs, etc. Plus, I had to factor in what employee taxes that I'd have to reduce from the income. So, yes, I believe that all business require some money to start up.