Monday, March 8, 2010

oh my goodness

she's had a birthday
she's lost another tooth
she's getting older
her look
her actions
its fun to see

she's lost her first tooth
has a birthday quickly approaching
she's growing
her personality is shining
her love for dance is amazing


isn't it wonderful so see and experience 
the changes
thank you Lord for blessing me 
for the husband you have chosen for me
to be able to stay home with my kids
to enjoy them
thank you


Jimena Pinto-Kroujiline said...

Hello! Take a look at my blog "What is Amelia up to?" You will have so much fun with your kids listening to bedtime stories, songs, doing fun activities and more. Take a look! Become a follower and post a comment, I would love to hear what your kids think about it!

Best Wishes,
Jimena Pinto-Kroujiline

Nancy said...

Aren't we so blessed? Seriously.. that is all I can say.
Love, love , love the pics and your new header.. yummy colors and chair. :)

Janna said...

Defintely blessed! I was a working mom with my first, so I really appreciate being at home now. Your pictures are SO GOOD!!!

Erika said...

great pics kristy! She does look older all of the sudden! we are blessed!

Darlene said...

It's fun to see our girls growing up but makes me sad because I want them to stay young.

Your girls are adorable as always and I'm so glad that you're appreciating being blessed.

We are very blessed!!