Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Girl You're Amazing Just the Way You Are

yesterday when she got home from school she told me
she was going to go out back and not
 to let her sister come out there. she was going to write a letter to her
minutes later she came back in and handed her sister a note
the first few lines read

I would like to thank you for being a wonderful sister.
I think you are funny and cute. You help me when I need it and always
make me laugh when i ask. 

it went on a little more and included a bubble map on the back with words
describing her
super cute

i am so incredibly grateful they were chosen to be sisters
not having any myself, i am grateful that they have each other
and after loosing 4 babies, it's pretty amazing that these 2 were chosen
love that 


love this girl
she has a warm heart

we had cotillion last night
i bought her this cute little dress 
and realized i had one very similar 
i showed mine to her and her eyes lit up
"will you wear yours"
really, you want to match me?
"yes. please mom"
you got it
so off we went
just the 2 of us

she's pretty cool 


i'm having fun playing with hairdo's
i must admit, i am not very good at them
but i am willing to give it a try

this one

we got from my mom
she showed me a video...
and wahla 
as soon as i find the video, i'll share it with you

*** I found it***
the video

it was super easy
i later added a little hair pretty to it 
but forgot to take a picture


we tried the sock ties
didn't work out so well for us
and being a daughter of a hair dresser
i do know that it matters what kind of hair you have

she makes it look really easy
and it kinda is
but getting the ends in smooth is a pain
here's what we got

didn't last long, but it was fun trying

here are some of our favorites right now

off to create
and maybe look for some more fun and funky


Nancy said...

You both are darling. I wish I could have been there last night. Cute do's. I may try to whip these up on the Nubs.

hannah singer said...

so sweet! y'all are beautiful.

happy wednesday! xo

Janna said...

What a darling. Love those girls.

Erin said...

I love the story about your girls! what sweet girls you have! I hope my girls are the same way some day!

Darlene said...

Those are cute do's. We try some stuff over here, too, but gotta admit that I'm not very good at them, either. I'll keep trying, though.

You both look adorable in that Cotillion picture!

Jenni said...

got a little teary eyed with that little note thing, how sweet! you are all so lucky to have each other! your girls are so close.

i love that she wanted to wear matching dresses with you too! she is proud to have you for her mom and you can tell! isn't that the best too when they do little things like that. i know it sure makes a big difference on my heart! my son recently begged me to make a crayon roll thing for his friend's birthday party. tired after a stressful day at work, i asked if he just wanted to go to the store to pick something out and he responded with, "but they are so cool mom and i you are such a good crafting mom, he will love it!" how could i refuse?!

Gina said...

I love it! So sweet! I wish I had a sister.
To answer your question..
Yes, they are going to have their own rooms. It was a hard decision but i am at peace with it...i think!
The oldest is worried that the little one won't be able to fall asleep without her. The little one always falls asleep to the oldest reading light. It will be a change for sure. But I think the oldest is ready to have something of her own. They came up with a rule at dinner the other night...
"you can come in whenever you want, I'll have all the stuffed animals and you'll have all the babies. The dors are never closed. Ok?"
Don't let me fool you, I am loving the distraction of decorating but I feel like my babies are growing by the minute!

sweet southern inspiration said...

oh. my. gosh. I just love Isabella so much. What an amazing girl she is, I love that she wrote Sophia that letter and that she is always thinking of others, she is just amazing. They both are. Wish we weren't so far apart.

Genn said...

What sweet girls you have Kristy!
Love that note.
And you both look so cute in your pretty dresses.
Love those fun hairdos too!!

oh and ps- yes my girls are sharing a room now and so far so good! i love it, they love it. we're all happy! :) it's so fun to lie on their beds at night at chat with them both in their room. sigh. if only that lasted forever huh.