Friday, October 28, 2011

Boots, what to do with them.....

years ago i was happy to receive a pile full of boots from a friend
they are all top of the line
some have never been worn
and the questions is
what can i do with them?
i would love to sell them

these are for sure vintage
old school
fun and funky

these are a joan and david boot
never worn

also, joan and david
never worn

this pair below has never been worn either
i called boot barn and described them to the sales clerk
the brand, the color, the leather
he said they were over $1500 pair of boots
which doesn't surprise me
my friend shops like that
(and could and would and does)

and they don't fit me
so again, who can i sell them too?
any ideas?

love these

these are way cool
simple black boots

any ideas......


Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

love those 1st ones and the brown barn boots!

Genn said...

Those pricey brown ones are cute.
I bet you could make money from them on ebay.
Don't list em on craigslist... my mom listed a few pairs of shoes and she had some creepy foot fetish guy calling her!

Janna said...

I'm laughing at Genn's comment. Hey, what size are they? If any are my size, I might take a pair off your hands...

Karen said...

I would love a pair of those! What size are they? I might be interested in the brown ones if they are my size.