Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 for Friday

i'm a little late but i wanted to link up with my friend 
and her new 5 for Friday linky party
these are 5 of my favorite things right now

love'n this girl playing ball

and my new vita mix
i haven't gotten it down just yet but give me just a little time and i'll be whipping 
up some great healthy smoothies soon

little critters in our yard
the girls love to catch em'

cookies and milk 
and a good magazine 

this doesn't look nearly as cool taken with flash and in the day time
as it does at night when it is plugged in
it has fiber optic colored lights going around all the openings
i probably wouldn't have bought it
but it was given to us by a great friend
and the girls just love it

5 for friday
super fun
a little random for me
but fun!
thanks janna


paige said...

fun photos!
nothing like fiberoptic pumpkins!!! too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your 5 this week!
Those pumpkins are the cutest. I used to have a fiberoptic Santa & loved it :)

sweet southern inspiration said...

love it!