Thursday, September 29, 2011

Off To School They Go

every day 
every week
off to school we go

love her so much

dropping off and picking up
it's my routine
and i love it
wouldn't have it any other way
picking them up from school is one of the 
highlights of my day

and knowing where they are going
knowing what teachers they have
makes me happy inside
i am so grateful for their teachers

someone shared this with me and i though i'd share it with you

if you are a teacher
thank you.
thank you for teaching our children.
thank you for watching over them.
thank you for teaching so many levels/subjects everyday.
thank you for making me feel they are safe in your hands.
thank you for listening to parents concerns.
thank you for sharing your life with them.
and your stories.

we love teachers here in our home.

1 comment:

LuLu said...

Hello friend!! it's been way too long since i stopped sorry!!! i was thrilled when i saw your comment.... thank you.... i had to rush right over!!! love your header too!!!! looks wonderful and your post is exactly how i feel about teachers and picking my kids up and taking to school. it's my favorite time of day!
have a wonderful day, you brought a smile to mine!