Friday, September 23, 2011

hello friday. hello sweet tags

hello friday
hello sweet tags
hello blog sugar weekend
hello grandma/great grandmas birthday
hello fall

i am loving today
and so happy to introduce sosobella's sister etsy store

we have had fun getting ready and though it has
taken long to get it up 
and even if it's not stock with all of its loveliness 
here is what we added this morning 
and we are over the moon about them

 Sweet TAGS
back pack, lunch pail, doggie, kitty tags
you name it, they can be added to just about anything

dog tags

bag tags

our friendship necklace that was originally a hang tag
but we loved it so much we created it as a necklace too

this one is the tag

medium doggie tag
phone number goes underneath 
we just blocked it our for privacy

we are so happy to introduce these
more to come
stay tuned

happy friday to you

anyone going to blog sugar????


kinze said...

nope not goin to blog sugar ... i sure wish i was though ... does that count?! and i love all those quotes on those charms they are fantastic :)

Patricia said...

Es todo precioso !!!! Me encanta.