Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bat Garland - EasyPeasy - Weekend Craft

i love to create
and this one is a no brainer
but incase you need a little guidance 
i hope this helps

we traced our pattern onto black card stock over and over
and cut. and cut. and cut.
keep in mind, it doesn't have to be perfect
some of our bats have cropped ears :)
no craft around here is perfect
for us, that is the beauty of it

after cutting lots and lots of bats out
we took our old school elmers glue 
and polka dotted amd striped em' with silver/purple glitter

at first i tried taping them to the jute but they were to heavy
and kept flopping over
so we got a hole punch
punched a hole in the top of the bat 
and tied them to the jute/ribbon
with come curly ribbon
super easy. 
it added some color too

and because we have so much ribbon in this house
i decided to add different ribbons to it
by just tying them onto the jute in knots
now it's not done
we will be adding more ribbon
but i wanted to give you the heads up
so you can gather your supplies 
and have some fun cutting and creating this project together

and that's not all
what til' the girls get home from school each day
they'll be finding bats all over
the house
it's going to be
a little
around here


give away coming soon


Janna said...

Super cute. I just may try this.

Genn said...

Very cute Kristy! You're so crafty. :)

I loved getting to meet you at blog sugar too!!! It was such a fun time. can't wait for next year's already!!

Adrian said...

I love the bat garland! I'm doing this for my pumpkin carving party this year. Great idea!
p.s. it was so nice to meet you at Blog Sugar! I had fun with you gals!