Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Season

This is probably my favorite time of year. 
The music, the warm house. 
The kids excited about Christmas. 
The giving. 
I just love it all. 

Our house is decorated. Inside and out. 
I'll have to take pictures and share. 
Although I am awful at taking
photo's indoors. Anyone have any good tips? 

I do love, however, taking pictures outdoors. 
Here are a few. It was time to fill some
empty frames. 

frames are filled. 

have a wonderful weekend. 
i am working most of it. 
so happy to be filling orders for gifts. 
i am so grateful this time of year. 
it's busy, yes. 
but i love the thought that goes behind each and every order. 
thank you. 

1 comment:

All That Jazz said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the holidays, too.
Inside pictures....I struggle with them, too! I hate using my flash! I usually use my best lens (lets in a lot of light) which helps except at night, when everything has a yellow-y cast. Try to open all curtains and shoot towards places with the windows at your back so you have the most natural light. You can also adjust your camera's amount of light. And, after you have downloaded, even most simple programs like Picnik or Picasa allow you to adjust the amount of light in the photos and take out some of the yellowy tones.
Good luck~ and have a great weekend!