Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas was WoNdErFuL

We spent time preparing.
Getting ready to celebrate.
It came and went and we enjoyed every minute of it.
Here is a little recap of our Christmas Eve.

We love our tree.

just took it down today

we had family over Christmas eve. it was wonderful.
the sweet baby is a foster baby that my cousin currently has.
we loved him as if he was our own.

and this one. my oldest.
she would have loved to have had another sister or a brother. she has the motherly love that just comes naturally.
loosing 4 pregnancy's saddens me when i think of her and how she would have loved to have had a bigger family (me too)
but we're good. the four of us. 
i couldn't have asked for a better family. 
honestly. they are the best.

oh, back to our Christmas Eve, sorry.
cousins. i love em'

games. love them too.

neighborhood santa visited.
isn't that cool.

Christmas eve ended with lots of hugs and merry merry's.

the kids got their new pj's on, and were ready to go to bed. 
cookies and milk ready for santa.
and carrots out for the reindeers.

they were so excited for morning.

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Looks like you had a very merry time. Wishing you a happy new year.