Sunday, December 19, 2010

celebrate YOU.

celebrate you

you are one of a kind,
there will never be another you.
celebrate you.
you have gifts and talents that are uniquely yours.
celebrate you.
you are a star child sent directly from the heart of God.
celebrate you.
you are a light in the life of those closest to your heart.
celebrate you.
you make difference in the lives of many. 
celebrate you.
you are admired and adored, and you don't even know it.
celebrate you.
you are loved like crazy. 
celebrate you. 

i have typed it out.
posted it in their room.
it's from philosophy lotion. 
i love so many of their bottle writings. 
the inner grace is wonderful. 
but this one. i love it. really love it.
i just think it says everything.
i printed it out and posted it in my girls rooms.
i gave the bottle of lotions to our wonderful teachers. 
one of the teachers, i told her 
even if she didn't use the lotion she needed to read the bottle.
and i made her shake on it.
when i came back to class. 
she said, the class was going to read something
and that i would enjoy it.
she read celebrate you, straight from the wrapped gift. 
and when it came to "celebrate you" 
without a cue, the kids shouted "celebrate you"
i taped it.
it was wonderful. 
seeing kids point at each other and say it loud.
absolutely wonderful.


Gina said...

I LOVE it! Are you celebrating you? Well, I celebrate you! You inspire so many!!! Merry Christmas from my little family to yours!

Jenni said...