Friday, July 30, 2010

Exploring, Spending Time Together

I am so grateful, 
to have these people in my life.

They mean the world to me. 
We travel together.
We have a date night 
EVERY Saturday night, it's wonderful.
I don't have any brothers and sisters.
Its just us. 
And usually my grandma too.
and, I couldn't ask for anything more.
We went on a weekend trip. 
The kids love it when Mamu (grandma) and PaPa go.


We went to the zoo.

I was hoping they were going to get up for us. But, nope, they didn't.

This bird was a trip. It was so tall.

we had fun. walked A LOT.


We walked through a cave.
I could have easily got spooked. 
But I just kept walking and enjoying my surroundings.
Concentrating on the 127 steps.
Making sure no one slipped.

We also visited a cove. It was beautiful. 
On the other side of this brown fence  you could walk. 
Let me tell you from up on the hill, made a Mom real nervous
not really being able to see what was on the other side. 
Lets just say I quickly made my way down and rallied up the troop. 

The kids were pooped. Their little feet did a lot of walking. 
Daddy was a trooper. 

He couldn't see. 
Had a funky, stuffed animal in his face.
Glasses were getting smashed. 
But she needed a lift, and he gave it to her. 


We got lost on the way out. 
And not only did it take us forever to get out of the cove. 
I got sick. 
Car sick I guess. 
Holy moly, mama did not feel good. 
I even passed up an outlet shopping on the way home
and that ain't like me. 

But I did see some darling houses during our 
adventure trying to GET OUT. 

The one above was a favorite. Cute awnings. 
Love the greenery.
The door. 
The flag.

love the front door and the windows of this one.

and the cute entrance on this one. 

We had a great time. 
Wish we would have found the cove first. 
I think we would have ditched the zoo and just
hung out there. 
I would have loved to look at more homes. 


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

looks like tons of fun, minus the car sickness of course. have a happy day!!

Kristin said...

Beautiful pictures! They are just stunning, Kristin xo