Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th Of July

The first couple weeks of summer were super busy,
super fun.
Now on to the 4th of July.

Time with family and Friends
Thankful for our FREEDOM
Couldn't ask for anything more

pool eyes
poor baby

Darkness came and we packed up and headed to watch fireworks with friends.
It was great. 
Good ol' country music and the outdoors. 
2 of my favorite things.

Under the blue blanket was this scared, tired little princess. 
I think I immediately took compassion to her because
I was scared of fireworks as a kid. So, I took her from her Daddy,
held her, patted and rocked her, within 5 minutes she was out. 
Sweet little girl. 

Good Friends.
Good Times.


After seeing the firework show we came home
and played a little more.

First time the kids held sparklers.

We had fun creating this

Summer's good, isn't it?
Hope you are enjoying yours so far.
What's your favorite part?


Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

the sparkler letters are so cool!!! looks like a wonderful day.

ragamuffinbeauties said...

I LOVE the sparkler shot!

jules said...

I love the sparkler letters. That is so neat...

Kristin said...

What great pictures - and memories!
Thank you for your sweet message - funny, as I got that dress as a hand-me-down (from Rocio I think) so they probably were bought at the same time . . .
Happy Thursday,
Kristin xo

Tawny said...

Love the header, those sandals, those toes! Just adorable! The title is very "Fancy Nancy" -esque too! My little Miss S would LOVE that!

What a wonderful holiday you had. And even those pool eyes are adorable!