Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Four - Our last Day

Our last day of 
Camp Cre8
Summer of Sparkle

The girls rocked. They got their sparkle on. 
They created. They laughed. They sparkled. 
It was wonderful. 
My co-camp leader is awesome. 
We are a good team. 
I love it!

Here are some pic's of our last day. 

they cut. they modge podge'd. they wrote. 

they finished their canvas scrapbooks.

my little one had a rough day. 
she just couldn't get it right. she was tired and cranky. 
so the a.m. camp, she did not join. 
BUT after all was gone and we were on our lunch break this is what i looked out to.
all by herself creating. 
going to the embellishment bar time after time. 
all by herself. 

love that.

the created cute bottle cap necklaces

a.m. crew
(boy do i need a hair cut)

p.m. crew

absolutely wonderful.


Janna said...

can't wait til my little is old enough and tame enough ;) to join in.

Anonymous said...

So great Hannah can not wait to be apart of the fun in the future.

sotheywillalwaysremember said...

so cute, I am glad you guys had so much fun!

Darlene said...

My girls just loved, loved, loved Camp Cre8 and are waiting for the next one! Thanks for being so great!

Gina said...

Looked GREAT! Can't believe my Lady A had to miss! Please plan more, end of summer or holiday??? Think about it and let me know! Great job. These little girls were very lucky!

Kristin said...

Sounds like a real success! Congratulations. And that bottle cap necklace is FAB - what a great idea, Kristin xo