Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making a list

I'm not a list girl. 
As I have stated before. 
But there are some days
where making a list and posting it outside for the
world to see would be fun. 
The list would look something like this:

Made kids breakfast
Made sure:
 all homework was in back pack
 lunches were made and in back pack
jacket in back pack, just in case

Kids dressed - check
Brushed teeth - check
Got everything in the car - made sure nothing was forgotten
Dropped off kids
Stopped by post office (sometimes target/grocery store)
Put clean dishes away
Did a little Laundry
Made Beds
Took shower
Packed a snack for pick up
Picked up kids
Dropped of at activity (dance/softball/violin)
Ran a few errands on the way home
Went through back packs
Dinner together
Read before bed
Say prayers 
Kiss Goodnight
Help sooth, cuddle anyone in the middle of the night who needs it.

Sound familiar. 
I am sure I missed a few (a lot)

Thats what we do. 
Take care. 
Make sure. 
And we do a good job at it. 

So, to all those HaRd WoRkInG MoMs
No Matter If You Stay Home, Work from Home, Work out of The Home
Here is Something for You. 

We are giving away today. 

First This

Just leave a comment. Say Hi. Even if you never have. Let it be the first.
Blog about it and be entered a second time. 
We'll be giving away 2!

Then this

Leave a comment - be entered
Blog about it - be entered a second time
1 of these will be given away.

Have a Wonderful Day. 
Hats off to all your hard work!


Blankenship Babbles said...

Hi Kristy :) I'd love to wear either one of these :) I didn't see on your list anywhere when you do your work?!?! You are a busy woman, but you are good at what you do!!! Thank you again for everything you have done for me, I'll let you know how the GODSPEED Necklace makes out at the benefit concert. You Rock!

Mandy in Texas

andreaberg said...

Hi Kristy, What beautiful pieces. You are so creative. I agree with Blankenship Babbles - when do you get all this amazing creations done. You are such a busy mom. Your daughters are very lucky you set such a great example of all they can accomplish.

andreaberg said...

I just blogged about it.

Blankenship Babbles said...

I also blogged about it...


Kristy, my blog is set to private...I'll send you an invitation if you want to view my post to make sure it's legit :)

Kris said...

These are beautiful!!!

Jeannette said...

I love contests! I blogged about yours! http://mommyincommand.blogspot.com/2010/04/i-love-blog-contest-sosobella-giving.html

Sam Relien said...

Hello...I'm Mandy's sister...Sam...love your jewelry!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

GREAT list! Glad I get to do mine with my munchkins everyday!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

both of those are gorgeous!! love, love, love them.

JC said...

THIS mom is a list maker. Mostly for things I need to do or pack. I usually leave my shopping list at home : ( Thanks for all YOU do!

: )

Kare@Trublue2 said...

I love making lists simply because of the joy & sense of accomplishment I feel once I cross it off!! Silly little trick on myself I guess.

This is a lovely giveaway Kristy!! My beautiful necklace (like the 2nd option) came yesterday and I LOVE it....it's already a cherished treasure. I received many complements on it at the boys school today. You are so talented...thank you!!

Genn said...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment on my blog. So you're the gal who makes those adorable flip flops! I saw them on Janna's fun blog. They are so fun. And those pictures of Darlene and her family are awesome. I don't know Darlene, just chatted a bit in blogland. ;) Are you a photographer too? So talented. Fun blog. I'll be back. Nice to meet ya.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

luv these necklaces!! so pretty! glad I am a new follower of your blog~just in time for the giveaway! your post is so true!

jen said...

i am a lister ;) the necklaces are beautiful!!

Little Dude's Mama said...

Love your list; mine sounds familiar. :)
Thanks for hosting this fab giveaway!
Fingers crossed ...

Christa said...

I am a list making QUEEN! I often have multiple lists (in my planner, on my comp, in my phone) You always have such beautiful things in your shop! I wish I could get it all!

Leslie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Kristy! I love your blog, you seem so sweet and energetic! And you love to take photos of your kids, I think we could be great friends! Oh your jewelry is beautiful! I love it and would love one! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win, (although I never do, ha ha!) Oh and your flip flops are just precious! I just heard of Haviana (sp) while in Florida, I live in flip flops and will have to try these out! I will be back!

TDM Wendy said...

I am actually not much of a jewelry person. Maybe because of all the kids hanging and pulling on me. BUT I love the Loved necklace. Simple and gorgeous. And sturdy looking!

1 Funky Woman said...

Oh I love your jewelry. If I don't win I will definitely have to come back and buy something!

valerie said...

You know I love your stuff! And your blog too! I am also a list maker, but lately have not been that into my lists...Ilvoe to cross the things off that I get accomplished and those that don't...well......there is tomorrow!:)

Michelle said...

Kristy, I LOVE these necklaces!!! You are SSOOO talented and have so many gifts. Thank you for sharing those gifts with so many and for inspiring me to do more!

Flighty Me said...

Beautiful! I have always wanted a necklace like this but never have thought to get one for myself!

Nancy said...

Ok... I love this necklace. You know I do. Lists... come on, need i tell you???

Nancy said...

just posted about your giveaway. Yep.

Cindy said...

Love these!
All of your work actually!!
Heading back to my blog to send my friends over!
Enjoy the day!

Wendy said...

gorgeous! Just found you via: thegoatandthekid.blogspot.com
and me? I make lists for EVERYTHING! Usually more than once, because I always misplace them ~ HA!

Warrior Princess said...

Seriously, I love them both, but that first one "Loved" with a little bling... Mama would sport that proudly! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us :) And BTW, we really will decide on photos to print soon.... you just took so darn many good ones! xoxo

Armida said...

I wanted to first thank you for these beautiful pieces of art. I was so HAPPY to see how affordable they are. I love the piece of jewelary I just got with my children's name's. I wear it on a daily basis. And I have gotten so many compliments. And defintiely give out your website. I really love the jewelary you are displaying. Good luck to everyone. Many blessings to you and your beautiful family.

Elizabeth said...

Just found your blog from
lovin lifes little things.
Oh my! Does that list sound so familiar.
Love those necklaces they are gorgeous!

Amy said...

I love them both!!! Great way to celebrate mom!!!! :)

Jenn said...

Yes that list is very familiar =) amazing how we stay sane sometimes!
Your pictures are beautiful as always!
I need to remember to visit you more often! I will take your button with me! =) I love love the necklaces! I am having a fun "first ever" giveaway on Wed... it is a good one!! =)
Jenn ~ seizingmyday.com

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