Thursday, April 15, 2010

A List

For the first time I think I'll make a list.
I'm not a list maker.
Never have been. 
But today, I feel the need. 
I hope to not wonder to a store or a place in my home and think...
why am i here?

Fun things going on:

Invitations need to be created 
this kid is having a birthday soon
Time to CeLeBrAtE

Center Pieces, working on them this weekend

not a great picture but in real life they look pretty cool

Wrap up Auction donations
Grocery Shopping
Violin Practice 
Softball Practice

This is high up on my list.

Did you ever see this article in the magazine Real Simple?
As much as I hope to preserve my photos in scrapbooked albums, my goal is to get my photos in a safe place off my computer SOON.
This picture does not do this women justice. She had drawers full of them. 
So, yes, this on my list...high on my list!

What's on your list? 


The Farmer's Wife said...

I love your blog...they way you express yourself is so beautiful! I would love to own one of your necklaces....I am deciding right now which one it will be;)

Nancy said...

You know I love a good list...:)
ON my list today: vacuum dog hair (yum), make banana bread, start swim practice and take care of sick kid. Happy day to you. Can't wait to bang out those centerpieces. :)

Janna said...

Hmm, embarassingly enough, the next thing on my list is to shower. I've been cleaning house this morning. The rest is like yours. Wrap up auction donations, laundry, figure out what to do for dinner, swim team, etc. Looking forward to the 24th :) Oh, also need to make an appt with you to take our family pics. Also on my list!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

taht center piece looks GREAT!
very magical! i can only imagine in person!

yes... oh yes... phot organization is on my to do... must to do.
i have an exteranl hard drive i back them up too but...
i still want more security!
priceless treasures!

i make so many lists it's plain nuts!

Tawny said...

Love lists.
Crossing things off lists is the BEST feeling!
You have so many things to look forward to!
My list is to countdown the days till summer vacation with my kiddos :)

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Kristy, thanks for dropping by my blog. Seems we have a lot in common! Your pics of your girls are awesome!! I am a listmaker (nonstop) thus the name of my blog checkitoff! Hope to see you aeound blogland some more. Take care & have a great weekend! (Also, you may want to consider an external hard drive for your photos. I am on a mac & use Passport that I bought at Best Buy. I downloaded 2,000 photos in 15 minutes~much easier than cd's)