Friday, November 6, 2009

Something new & Something Old

Here is my Something New

Get a head start on shopping for the holidays.
Find this new piece here.
And lets...
Leave a comment by helping
me with my question and be entered to win.

Here is my Something Old and I need your opinion.

The left picture is at the end of my hallway.
A dreamy chocolate brown frame.
Walking down my hallway I have decided
to mix it up. Take down my old and put up new old.
These are the frames I have collected so far.

Should I stick with this color scheme or should I primer and paint these frames?
Every other frame/old window hanging is some form of white.
What do you think?

Off to thrift.
Need some more frames.
Have a WONDERFUL Friday.


paige said...

first of all
i LOVE your new banner!!!!
totally cute shoes

on the frames
hard choice
i have gold frames in my entryway/foyer but that's the only place i have this color.
my walls are cream & the majority if not all the rest of my frames are creamy me the image stands out verses the frame.
in fact
come to think of it
maybe i should paint the gold ones in my hall....

i'm sure what ever you go with will be perfect.


Nancy said...

Now you know I need YOUR help with my frames. But, let me tell you... that necklace (when I saw it in person today) to die for. Great idea. Happy weekend. xoxo

Momofgirls said...

LOVE the new necklace (and I just ordered one of your other ones last week! I am so excited to get it!)

I have gold frames in my living room ("formal" living room), but in my family room I have my hallway (where all the family pics are hung) I have black...I don't think you can make a mistake anyway, it seems like anything goes in decorating these days!

Happy Weekend!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

I love that necklace!!

I let the photos decide the color of the frames. If I'm using color photos I usually stick with black or choc brown, but all the same shade. If I'm using black and white photos I like to mix it up a bit with different colored frames between black, white, gold, and silver. I must say though, that gold mirror would look pretty great painted black or white!

Carol said...

I am kind of a matchy matchy girl, sticking to sort of the same colors of frames in a particular room, but really anything goes right now, especially if you are a thrifter and enjoy the look of lots of different styles. Oh, and the necklace...LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEE it!

Tricia said...

First off...LOVE the new layered necklace!

Secondly, to paint or not to paint...that is the question. Hmmm, I personally like to paint the frames and have them all the same color or similar so the focus is on the pictures, not the frames. But, those frames are all beautiful and you could always put the pictures up, see how you like it and then take them down and paint the frames if you're not happy with the look.

Anonymous said...

Hi Girl,

I am in favor of the chocolate brown. i think the focus would stay on the picture, which is ADORABLE!! Your girls are beautiful.
Have a great day!!
Jackie Fox

Lissa said...

I'm always one to vote for priming and painting in a creamy color. cute new necklace and l LOVE the pic of the girls on your header!

andreaberg said...

My vote is to prime and paint. I think the details on the frames would remain.

BTW...LOVE the new necklace.

DoodleBugz said...

I like all my frames the same color but different in their own way.. so I would paint them and then have fun with them

jacquie said...

Really love the new necklace. DARLING!!

Gina said...

Is it to late? It's been a nut house around here! I love dark brown/black frames against a light colored wall. But if your pics are black and white, then cream colored frames would be beautiful and classic! Your pics of the girls are great!

Libbie said...

I am kinda-of a one track color with frames in a room...but that doesn't mean you need to be! I guess I never even relaized it before you asked!

The necklace is beautiful!

Cherry Tree Lane said...

primer and paint! maybe a fun turquoise blue color (but pastel-ish)??just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Ciao!!! I'm living in Italy, and I check you blog everyday. Your girls are bellas, bellas, bellas. I have two babies three years old. I want they grow up loving each other. Thanks. Xiomara

Anonymous said...

HI, first off I love your blog! Judging by your srtistic eye, you probably do not need our advice on what to do, but I ill tellyou this...too much gong on with the frames in a smaller area will take away from your gorgeous photos. I say keep it simple and in the same color family....I always have trouble sticking to too much matching stuff. Recently I did a corner of all different silver frames of snapshots and I love the way it turned out...they are different sizes and textures but mostly shiny silver...but would not recommend this for your wall...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my typos I meant "artistic" and going

carlisle clan conversation... said...

I'm a total sucker for chocolate anything...go for the chocolate brown! :)