Thursday, November 5, 2009


My friend Nancy tagged me.


With this I am suppose to list some random things about me.
I thought at first, easy, I am kind of a random girl.
But then I started thinking about it, hmmm
am I a boring girl.
Well you ask my hubby and he'll so, No. Not at ALL.
I am random with most of my life.
I come and go with things.
(projects, de cluttering, ideas...)
And specially when talking.
Trying to stay on one subject is hard for me.
I'll be in the middle of a conversation, I'll see something
(totally random)
that reminds me of something else and go
there, just for a minute, then I'll go back to what
I was originally talking about.
Holy cow, sometimes its hard to keep
up with me.

Lets are some random things about me.

* I once owned a Tennessee Walker horse. Her name was Cherokee.
She was beautiful.

* A small plane crashed about 15 houses down from us a few years back.
Scared the living day lights out of us. We were all home and the sound
is something I'll never forget. Along with a few other things.

* I have a friend from Kindergarten that I am still close to and love very much.

* My girls, at the age of 3 & 5, cut there hair for Locks for Love.
It was pretty cool.

* I met by husband through a friend.
We saw each other everyday after our first date.
We just knew.
2 months later we were engaged.
10 months later we were married.
It was wonderful and still is.

* Once had a tarantula crawl across our family room carpet.
(we lived in the boon-docks)

* When a good song comes on the tv (satellite), we dance on the coffee
table. Thats our stage. Its so fun!

Ok. I'm done.
That was fun.
Now its my turn to pick.
I pick you.


Nancy said...

Yippee.. I love it. So much fun. Fun little tidbits. Thanks for sharing. :)

Ole Miss Mom said...

Is there a place you go to cut for locks of love? I would love my daughter to do that. Her hair is getting SO long and she wants it short soon!