Monday, November 9, 2009


I am a Monday girl.
Up and ready.
Kids in school.
Time to work.
Music's on.

I walked by my girls bedroom this weekend and found this.
Love the way they are placed together, hugging each other.

Christmas pictures are in my head. Can't get it out.
I have no idea what I am doing.
Thought maybe I'd get the kids dressed, not fancy,
and head somewhere, who knows where, and shoot
some pictures. Maybe barrow a tripod to take a family
But yesterday I played around out front. The sun
seemed to be just right. They were SO silly. So I
shot a few. Looking at them this morning.
Might be fun to use for my NEW hallway gallery.
Going to play with my frames.
Thank you for all your ideas. I think I may
have decided what to do.
And who says (I guess I was just thinking I'd go somewhere)
I need to go somewhere to take
a Christmas picture. I say right here, in our home
is where we'll take them.

Have a Wonderful Monday.

I often get butterflies in my tummy when i think of these 2. I am so incredibly lucky/blessed/grateful to have them.
I have lost 4 babies.
So these, these 2 wonderful little girls, were given to us out of 6 pregnancy's.
These 2 little girls who I couldn't imagine loving any more.
Thank You. Thank You for picking me to be their mom.

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Darlene said...

You have a beautiful family! Enjoy those girls. I feel the same about mine. They are truly precious and a gift from God. Good luck on the Christmas pics. It's always hard to figure out what to do.

Heather at All A Flutter said...

God is GOOD!

LuLu said...

sending you smiles back, God is so good,

Momofgirls said...

You can't go wrong with those cuties in a Christmas picture!(I lost 4 babies too, I have 3 wonderful girls now and I, too, am so grateful!)

I already ORDERED my Christmas cards!! WooHoo! What a load off!

BTW I got my necklace today! Can I just say I LOVED the packaging almost as much as I LOVE the necklace!? Thank you Thank you Thank you.
{and I selfishly hope I win the other one!}

Anonymous said...

you girls are cutie pies! I know exactly what you mean. I hope your having a great week! = )

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

cute cute blog -- found ya through Short Southern Momma!

Libbie said...

I can hear the love as I read your blog. After one post...I love them too :)

Anonymous said...

you pictures are adorable and I love your blog!! Thanks for dropping by my little space!!