Monday, February 9, 2009

Rainy Day Progress, Gett'n Stuff Done

It seems its going to be a busy week for us, so I thought I'd get stuff done on our day off. We are listening to country music, enjoying the day. 
Isabella's school is celebrating the 100th day of school this Friday. We have to decorate a shirt with one hundred things on it. A little challenging but we got it done. I will share pictures on Friday. 
Its also Valentines Day, and we will be exchanging Valentines on Friday. Here is what we are doing. It was a Pottery Barn Kids idea a few years ago. Its easy, its fun and the kids can do it on their own as long as they can cut. 
I cut 20 pieces of card stock in 6 x 6 squares. 
Folded them in 1/2.
Let your kiddo cut out the hearts. 
Embellish them with hearts, stamps, glitter, etc.
Punch 3 holes with a hole punch, punch them in a cluster, on each side. Why 3 holes, so the pencil can fit through.
Slide a pencil through the holes and your done! You can get 10 Valentines Day pencils for a $1.00 at Target. 
Have fun :O)

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Amber said...

love your new layout! so cute!