Friday, February 13, 2009

Cora Paige

A few weeks ago I read and learned about a little girl named, Cora Paige who lost her sweet little life a few days ago to cancer. Her Mommy and Daddy are building, Cora's Playground, at their church in her honor.
There are amazing people in this blog world, who do AMAZING things. A group has been formed on ETSY by some incredible women to help Cora's parents. All proceeds of these products will be donated to the Cora Paige Playground project. I am so proud to be able to participate in such a wonderful thing. You will find my hand stamped tags here
Please, pray for these sweet parents who have lost their baby way to early. They will need your prayers to get through this hard time. 
Hug your kiddos a little longer today.

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i love plum said...

hi there! if you want to email me your address i'll send you the html code for the Cora button! xox