Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Monday to You

Hope y'all had a great weekend.

Busy weekend around here.
We had Banner Night on Friday.
12 gals came over, created 3 banners, laughed, talked and had a great time.
I had everything prepped in advance for them. 
They just need to put it together. 
They created a Halloween Banner, Give Thanks Banner and a Christmas Banner.
This is our Halloween one we created. 
I will share how we made it tomorrow. 
Super easy. 
Super fun!

And on Saturday I had participated in a local Boutique
Penelope Lane Boutique
Great show. Great vendors. 
Thank you to all who came out and shopped. 

And then on Sunday we took a family drive.
I had heard about a trial/park not to far away that I thought would be fun to visit.
And well it was. 
But it was hot. Real Hot. 
And half way down the trail the girls notice bee hives. 
Lots of them. 
And well, I am not to fond of bees. 
At all. 
So after snapping a few pictures. 
We quickly left. 

Can you see the concern on the little ones face. 
Bees. Bees. Bees.

They often walk hand in hand and it completely warms my heart. 

Sometimes I forget what they look like with out glasses. 

And how wonderful it was to see a beautiful horse. 
We love these animals. 

Great weekend. 
Crazy busy. 
But fun. 

Stay cool. 
Seems its going to be a hot one today. 
Check back tomorrow for the Halloween how-to. 

Oh and check facebook. 
There is a SoSoBella give a way today!!